FAMELECTRON – Fábrica da Mobilidade Elétrica Lda.


Avepark, Parque da Ciência e Tecnologia,
Lugar da Gandra, 4805-017 Barco, Portugal




After presenting the prototype, the new E-XF is being evolved from a technical and design point of view to meet performance and approval requirements; this evolution will only be available in 2022 in a Limited Edition of 300 units for Ambassadors. In 2023 it will be available in series, still with some limitations in terms of quantities.

The E-XF evolution will have a mid-engine with 5kW of maximum power, top speed up to* 100km/h, and range up to* 120km. In terms of homologation, the new E-XF will have two categories, one with a lower range (60-70km*) and speed limited to 45km/h (equivalent to 50cm3) and another with an increased range (up to* 120km) and a maximum speed up to* 100km/h (equivalent to 125cm3).

*Depends on the conditions of use

The FAMEL Ambassadors will be an integral part of the entire development and testing process of the new E-XF and will receive the 125cm3 equivalent model. The goal is to start deliveries by the end of the summer of 2022 and they will follow the project on the online platform where they will have access to our Virtual Garage. In addition, workshops and thematic events will take place where the team will be available to exchange ideas, and also receiving specific training on the new E-XF.
We plan to make the assistance a complementary experience for Ambassadors where assistance will be carried out on-site through Famel’s technicians.

The estimated** final price of the series will start at €4,100 for the 50cm3 equivalent category. It should be noted that this is an estimated price and that FAMEL is committed to making the product accessible to a greater number of people, but it mainly depends on external factors. Like the Ambassadors, the Visionaries will be able to follow all project developments on the platform of our Virtual Garage and will be informed about the expectations of the final prices during these sessions.

**NOTE: Estimated non-binding price; the final price will be communicated after definition of the product.

Assistance to the series units will be established throughout the year 2022 and communicated to the Visionaries.
The FAMEL Fan, which includes the Visionaries and Ambassadors, will have a FAMEL Fan card and a special gift, which will be delivered until Christmas. Fans have the opportunity to support the brand in this initial phase by subscribing to an annuity that will give them access to the Virtual Garage, a priority of choice in product launches, discounts on associated partners, and VIP access to events that FAMEL is associated with.
Throughout 2022, FAMEL will open the doors of its garage where the E-XF evolution will be done so that they can follow first-hand the progress of the project and the business, as well as other exclusive content and stories.

In 2022, partners will be announced where exclusive discounts for FAMEL Fans will be available.

The assembly will be in Portugal, using already established suppliers that have strong experience in 2 wheels manufacturing providing high quality level, allowing FAMEL team to focus on the development.

FAMEL wants not only to reborn, but also to leverage other Portuguese companies. More than 50% of the components will be produced in Portugal and more than 80% in Europe.