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The new FAMEL electric motorcycle E-XF is being evolved from a technical and design point of view to meet performance and homologation requirements. Deliveries start in the beginning of 2024.

The 50cc equivalent version can be ridden starting at 14 years old with a special licence, 16 years old with an AM License or 25 years old with a B license. The 125cc equivalent version can be ridden starting at 16 years old with an A1 license or from 25 years old with a B License.

FAMEL wants not only to be reborn, but also to raise the status of some national suppliers. More than 50% of the components are manufactured in Portugal and more than 80% in Europe.

FAMEL is entirely developed in Portugal, in partnership with some national companies and will be assembled in Portugal. FAMEL will not have its own factory, because there are Portuguese companies that work in the subcontracting of the assembly of twowheeled products. These companies guarantee the desired quality and allow us to focus on development of amazing products and experiences to our customers.

FAMEL Brand Ambassadors will be an integral part of the entire development and testing process of the new E-XF and will receive the 125cm3 equivalent model. The goal is to start deliveries in early 2024. Ambassadors will follow the project in workshops and thematic events where the team will be available to exchange ideas, besides also receiving specific training on the new E-XF.

The estimated final price** of the series will be €5.500** for the 50cc equivalent category with up to 70km of range and €6.200** for the 125cc equivalent category with up to 120km range. Deliveries are scheduled for the beginning of 2024. Note that this is an estimated price and delivery date, and that FAMEL is committed to making the product accessible to a greater number of people, but it depends above all on external factors.

**NOTE: Estimated price not binding; final price will be communicated after definition of the product. Check our Terms & Conditions

Electric motorbikes contain parts that do not require much maintenance. Maintenance is limited to tyres, brake pads and oil from brake hydraulic circuit. The E-XF has no combustion engine, so they do not need to change engine oil, spark plugs, among other wear components that are more prone to breakdown or failure and need to be changed more often in a combustion motorbike.

The FAMEL electric motorbikes can be charged in a 220V domestic socket, that is, in all the normal sockets you have in your house. Additionally, the batteries will be removable to provide more flexibility to those that does not have a place to charge the motorcycle directly.