The following information sets out the Terms and Conditions of this website, namely the conditions of our subscription Packages, including the ordering and pre-booking of FAMEL products and services made through our website.



FAMELECTRON – FÁBRICA DA MOBILIDADE ELÉTRICA, LDA., whose registered office is at Avepark, Parque da Ciência e Tecnologia, 4805-017 Barco, Guimarães, Portugal with registered number PT516423703, hereinafter referred to as FAMEL, presents itself as the owner of this website.

For further information, clarification of doubts about this website or the Terms and Conditions presented here in, or even for any complaints, you can contact FAMEL by email: apoio@.famel.pt

This website aims to advertise and market FAMEL products. The conditions presented apply to all users of the www.famel.pt website and any operations, regardless of their nature, carried out through it.

These conditions shall not apply to third-party websites. Thus, in case the user visits another website(s), having as its starting point the website www.famel.pt, you will need to read the privacy policies, as well as the general conditions of use thereof.

All content and information present in www.famel.pt and its subdomains, are the property of FAMEL and therefore the use, reproduction, copying and dissemination, by other means of logos, texts, images and videos contained on the website, is subject to prior authorization, not

6.1 Ambassadors – Through the pre-order of 600€ the user becomes a FAMEL Ambassador. In addition, the Customer automatically becomes a member, enjoying advantages and variable discounts depending on the information available on the website. These advantages and discounts may vary during the subscription without giving rise to the right to recover the amount paid for the subscription. By submitting the request for pre-order of the Ambassadors Package, the User will be agreeing to the conditions described below.

6.2 Others – Through the pre-order of 200€, the Customer makes a pre-order of a FAMEL product. By submitting the pre-order request, the Customer will be agreeing to the same conditions of the Ambassador pre-reservation, not having, however, the advantages of Ambassador status included, reserving only one product.

6.3 In both cases, the pre-order does not constitute a valid purchase contract for the FAMEL product.

7.1. Reservation Information.

Customers will be subject to the conditions that are in force on the date of the confirmation of subscription of each of the selected pre-order.
FAMEL may freely make changes at any time to the product characteristics being advertised on the website.
Any product specification or details of price and delivery date in the pre-order campaign are not binding and are subject to change.

7.2. Prices/Value of deposits

7.2.1 The price/value of the deposit of each pre-order available on www.famel.pt is always presented in euros, including VAT at the legal rate in force. The price/value of the deposit of the reservations available on the website may be subject to changes. Any change will not affect pre-orders for which a subscription confirmation has already been sent via e-mail.

7.2.2 Although FAMEL will use its best efforts to keep all information up to date, computer, manual, technical or any other errors may occur, causing a substantial change not foreseen by FAMEL in the indicated deposit price/value. If the price/deposit amount of the order confirmed by e-mail is substantially lower than the price/deposit amount advertised and paid, you will be refunded the difference. If the price/value of the deposit is substantially higher, the User will be informed by e-mail, having the option to accept a new proposal or cancel the order, as referred to in the clauses below.

7.2.3 The Customer declares and warrants that all information provided by it is correct and up to date. If the Customer finds that the data contained in the order confirmation email is not correct, the Customer may immediately request a change by sending an email to apoio@famel.pt.

7.2.4 FAMEL is constantly committed to ensuring the security of information and recognizes the importance of protecting the personal data of Users of the site www.famel.pt. For transparency reasons, our Privacy Policy is permanently available for consultation.

8.1 Under the terms of the legislation in force and without prejudice to any provision to the contrary, the User may always exercise its right of free termination within a period of 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the email confirming the pre-order. For this purpose, the User should contact our email address: apoio@famel.pt.

8.2 In case of exercise of the right of free resolution, the total price of the pre-order will be reimbursed.

8.3 Once the period of 15 days has elapsed without exercising the right of free resolution, the Client will not be able to cancel the pre-order, with the exception of the situation foreseen in point 12.2.

9.1 The pre-order of the Ambassador package includes the order of a FAMEL product. FAMEL refers to information regarding the characteristics of the product by means of visual and technical descriptions, photographs and videos illustrating the products to be marketed. FAMEL is not responsible for any changes to the appearance or characteristics of the product that are made available on the website, so that Customers will be subject to the technical descriptions, photographs and videos that are in force on the date of confirmation of pre-booking. If the User verifies that, by mistake, the product contained in the order confirmation email is not correct, the User can immediately request its alteration before the order is dispatched by sending an email to apoio@famel.pt.

9.2 FAMEL will make every effort to ensure that the estimated delivery date is as close as possible to the date indicated when confirming the pre-order, but may be subject to changes, which will be communicated in due time.

9.3 FAMEL retains ownership of the product(s) ordered until it has received full payment for the product(s) ordered by pre-order the Ambassador Package(s). Thus, the order processing will only start from the date of your payment and the consequent pre-order confirmation email.

10.1 FAMEL will contact the Customer and ask to convert the Customer’s pre-order into a subsequent purchase of the product. The Customer will then have the opportunity to complete the order process. If the Customer does not respond to FAMEL’s contact, the Customer may lose any priority or delays may occur.

10.2 The subsequent purchase of the product may be subject to different or additional terms and conditions provided by FAMEL at the time of completion of the contract.

10.3 Unless the Customer has been notified otherwise by FAMEL, the pre-order deposit amount will be deducted from the final price of the Customer’s subsequent purchase of the vehicle.

11.1 In the event that FAMEL is, without negligence, temporarily prevented from delivering at the agreed time or during the agreed delivery period due to force majeure events or production interruptions at FAMEL or any of FAMEL’s suppliers, FAMEL shall be released from its obligation to deliver for the duration and to the extent of the effect.

11.2 Accordingly, the dates and periods communicated to Ambassadors will be extended with a period corresponding to the period of time when preventive circumstances are hindering delivery.

11.3 Force majeure events defined in this section shall be any extraordinary event which is beyond FAMEL’s control, unforeseeable and uncontrollable and which cannot be prevented or avoided by FAMEL even by exercising the highest degree of care, and which prevents FAMEL from fulfilling its obligations in whole or in part, in particular natural disasters, damage caused by fire, flood, strikes, pandemics or epidemics, as well as operational disruptions or official decrees for which FAMEL is not responsible. Supply difficulties and other disruptions of performance by FAMEL’s suppliers shall only be considered force majeure events if the supplier in turn is prevented from ensuring the performance to which it is obliged because of an event under the provisions of this Article.

11.4 FAMEL shall immediately notify the customer of the occurrence as well as the disappearance of a force majeure event. FAMEL shall undertake every effort to remedy the force majeure event and to limit its effects as far as possible.

12.1 The cancellation of the Ambassadors’ pre-order will imply the cancellation of the product order and the possibility to enjoy other services and discounts in the online store or partners, which may be available on the website or other official FAMEL platform.

12.2 In case a period equal to or exceeding 12 months from the date of pre-order is exceeded without the product having been delivered, the Customer may request the cancellation of the pre-order, with the right to reimbursement of all amounts effectively paid, by sending an email to apoio@famel.pt.

12.3 The shipping date will be informed by e-mail in a period never less than 90 days, where the need to make a second advance payment may be indicated.

12.4 In the event of a return request, the Customer will receive an e-mail containing the expected date for its processing.

13.1 Under the terms of the legislation in force, all products acquired on www.famel.pt have a legal warranty of 3 (three) years.

13.2 In the event that, during the warranty period, the product purchased presents any non-conformity or deterioration, the User should contact our email apoio@famel.pt, or through the means available in the user manual or on the website.

13.3 In the case of the return of items purchased under commercial or promotional campaigns, we will only refund the amount that the User actually paid at the time of the Order of the product that they wish to return or exchange.

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